Quotes from WB Members

Each morning when I hear that familiar “ding” from WB on my phone, I’m reminded not only of my commitment to prayer but that I am not alone in that privilege. We have no spiritual influence on and for others… apart from committed prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus.
Robert Maddox
Lee-Scott Head Football Auburn, Alabama
Mitch Hamilton is not only a man’s man…He’s God’s man. Mitch has lovingly being referred to as the “Chaplain to the Coaches” God has given Mitch access to befriend, encourage, influence and empower coaches all over this nation. The ripples of his influence will touch gererations of athletes for God.
David Quinn
Director of International Sports Chaplains
I believe coaches are the most influential group of men in our society. WaterBreak encourages coaches to pray and become the Godly examples vital to developing our future generations.
Wayne Dickens
Area Director FCA
The thing I love the most about WaterBreak is knowing there is a community of coaches who care enough about each other to stop what their doing and pray for each other’s needs and concerns. As Coaches we are competitive by nature, but WaterBreak unites us in God’s call to lift up each other.
Brian Blackmon
Troy Univresity Football
WB is a group of prayer warriors who I and others can turn to in time of need…. Being a coach or administrator I athletics has its own unique challenges and knowing others around the country are praying for you and your needs is very humbling. Like minded people coming together to love one another as God intended!!!! I’m certainly blessed being a part of WB!
Angela Ormsby
Point University Ladies Golf Coach
WaterBreak Ministries has not only touched my life but so many others as well. I look forward to waking up each morning and spending a few moments in God’s Word. I enjoy being a part of such a great group of prayer warriors.
Julie Humphries
Glenwood School Ladies Basketball Coach
I believe in the power of prayer. WaterBreak is my fax to God. I know He receives my petition.
Marty Durden
FCA in Houston Texas
WaterBreak provides us with the opportunity to pray for others needs, granting us the privilege to help stand in the gap between their reality and the hope only our heavenly Father can bring.
Bill Granger
Success Unlimited School