2/20/19 PR

Please be in prayer for Arlton Hudson(PW).  Arlton is having surgery today to remove cancer from his bladder.

2/12/19 PR

Please keep Sammy Osborne in your prayers.  He is having surgery to remove a brain bleed this morning in Atlanta.  God bless yall

2/11/19 PR

Please be in prayer for Coach Speed Sampley(PW) as he undergoes hip replacement surgery this morning.

1/31/19 1 PR

Please be in prayer for Mr. Sonny Myers.  He started chemo and radiation treatments this week and is very weak and sick today.

1/27/19 PR

Please be in prayer for Arthur and Robbie Bennett’s Son Brian.  He has been hospitalized since Monday with complications which were first thought to be associated with rheumatoid arthritis. On Thursday he was diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Today, he is receiving his 2nd round of chemo and is on a ventilator to help his breathing.  The next 72 hours are critical as the physicians see how his organs will adapt to the chemo treatments.  Our God is working through an awesome team of specialists in the CCU at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock.  Brian serves the Lord with all his heart.  

1/22/19 PR

Please be in prayer for David Franklin(friend and brother) and family.  His son Brandon was shot and killed Friday in Birmingham.  Funeral today at 11:00.  The family could use some prayers for peace and comfort and understanding.   

1/7/18 PR 2

Please be in prayer for Auburn High Coach, Rob McKinnell’s(PW) and his Mother, she has be diagnosed with ALS

1/7/19 PR

Please be in prayer for Shannon Jones(PW) dad. His dad is about to go into open heart surgery this morning at 7:00 am

1/4/19 PR

Please be in prayer for family of John Paschal JR.(Valley, AL)  Wife Dawn and daughter Brooklyn.  John passed away earlier this week due to complications of pneumonia.  

12/17/18 PR

Please be in prayer for the daughter of Ms. Porter (Carver Colubus GA) PW.  Her daughter has taken pills and they are at ER now.  Please pray.  

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