9/26/19 PR

From Shannon Jones(PW):
I will meet with Dr. to look at scans and get a plan.  Please ask PW’s to pray along with me that the scans will be completely clear and Dr’s will be confused.  If they could pray right at 2:00 EST as I walk in prayer for complete healing I would be very thankful…
Please be in prayer for Shannon…

8/22/19 PR

Please be in Prayer for Glenwood(AL) AD and Head BB Coach Tim Fanning(PW).  Tim is at UAB starting his fight against cancer.  Pray for healing.  Strength for him and family

7/30/19 PR

Please be in prayer for Jennifer Thompson(PW) she is having knee replacement this morning.  Lift her and the Dr’s up in prayer.

6/21/19 PR

Please be in prayer for Julie McKinnell, mother of Rob McKinnell(PW) Auburn High FB.  She has been put on hospice to make her comfortable.  Please pray for comfort and peace for the family.

6/17/19 PR

Please be in prayer for a dear friend to many coaches throughout GA and AL.  Mr Tommy Hill of Roanoke, AL has had a massive stroke and Hospice has been called in to help make him comfortable.  Prayers needed for Mr Tommy and family.  

5/26/19 PR

Please be in prayer for Keith Elliott(PW) and son, Evan Elliot.  Evan was one of the three officers shot on Sunday night responding to a domestic dispute.  Please pray for continuous physical healing as well as mental healing.  He continues to improve daily.  

4/23/19 PR

Please be in Prayer for Keith Elliot’s youngest brother Jonathan Elliot.  He was transported to UAB yesterday evening hostpital.  He was diagnosedwith end stage liver disease a year ago.

3/11/19 PR

Please pray for David McKinney Head FB coach at Winfield City.  He was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer

2/20/19 PR 1

Please be in prayer for the Bennett family.  Brian Bennett went home to be with the Lord tonight.  Arthur (coached a long time) Robbie, Father and Mother need our prayers.  Please keep them in your heart during this time.

2/21/19 PR

Derek Dennis (Oklahoma City) friend of Drew Dorsey PW is having emergency exploratory surgery this morning Please be in prayer for him and all involved.  

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