How it all got started…

In 2007 on a Friday afternoon at 4:15(Football game time at 8:00) my father passed away. I was with him when my father died and I realize that is where I was supposed to be.

But, being a football coach, I felt that I had let my football team down because I was not there with them during a really hard game. I talked with my wife, friends and my Pastor but nothing seemed to ease the burden that I had on my mind and on my heart.

As time went by the burden lifted from me. A few months later, a fellow coach and I were in a meeting together when he got a phone call and he really looked like something had gone wrong. He left the meeting and I followed him out of the meeting. They had taken his father to the emergency room and it didn’t look good for his father. I walked out with him and talked with him he wanted to take care of things in the meeting at the time,ut I t talked with him about just being strong and being there for his dad and he seemed like he became at ease with leaving the meeting.


Then weeks passed by and I made a phone call to a friend and fellow coach. He was on his way to the hospital with his wife, she was having pregnancy problems. I talked with him about being there for her. I shared with him about how my wife and I went through that many years earlier I think he became calmer and his mind was more at ease as he made that trip emergency room.

Then week’s later one of my coach’s wife had a miscarriage. He came to me to tell me about it. I prayed with him and told him I would be praying for him and others would be praying for him and his wife as well. A month later when he and I were eating lunch together, he looked at me with a serious look and told me that he had gotten over the miscarriage a lot sooner because I had prayed for him and he knew that others and I had prayed and were praying for him.

That got the vision in my head……God had been using me earlier in other situations. While I thought that I was just being a good friend, I was actually being used by God to minister to those guys.

This caused me to go do a lot of research about coach’s ministries, coaches praying, praying networks etc. I did not find anything that satisfied my mind. I then started going to some of the people in my life that I trusted and shared my thoughts with them. Each one of the folks that I spoke with advised me that they had not heard of anything like this and it would be great to start something like this for coaches.

What it comes down to is this…if there had been a fellow coach to pray with me after my father passed, I believe that it would have been easier for me to have let go of the feeling that I had of letting the kids down.

Only coaches can truly know what another coach goes through. So, who better to pray for coaches than fellow coaches?

My pastor said it best when he said that a coach could get more out of another coach praying for him than he could get out of a full sermon preached by his pastor.

Coaches praying for coaches!!!!

We have a network of coaches praying for a coach in need. A coach calls or texts me with his or her prayer request. I then send it out to the Prayer Warriors and they pray.

They pray as soon as they get a chance…not at prayer time or later in the day, as soon as possible. I send the coach a prayer and tell him that he is being prayed for. I think that is what makes the difference. In today’s world we mean well when we say “I’ll pray for you” but in today’s world, there may be a lot to happen between the request and prayer time. So praying on the spot has really been the difference.