7/16/20 DP

Luke 9:25
Lord, You know that we want to be the best Christians we can be, but not at the expense of our relationships with You or our families.  Help us develop a schedule that reflects our desire to put You first, our families second, and our professions third.  Amen

7/17/20 DP

Ephesians 6:11-13
Lord, help us prepare oursleves each day to be the Christians You have called us to be.  We confess that we have not always prepared ourselves spiritually the way You wanted us too.  Help us to put on Your armor so we may successfully fight the battles that come our way.  Amen

7/14/20 DP

Acts 7:55-56
Lord, we thank You for blessing us with the gifts and abilities.  Now as Your Spirit with in us, we want to use those talents and gifts for Your kingdom.  We make ourselves available to be used for this purpose.  Amen

7/13/20 DP

James 1:2-4
Lord, help us stop complaining during changes of life.  We realize we will face situations over which we have no control.  We commit to focus on the opportunities and the obstacles.  Amen

7/9/20 DP

John 14:21
Lord, forgive us for trying to draw water on our own abilities and turn back to Your well today so that others too may drink of You.   Amen

7/8/20 DP

Psalm 62:1
Lord, help us discipline ourselves to seek the best of rest.   Amen

7/7/20 DP

Luke 12:15
Lord, turn our eyes away from the the ways of the world so that we might see the value and riches of  Your Love  in Christ Jesus.  Amen

7/6/20 DP

John 14:23
Lord, forgive us for trying to draw water on our own abilities and turn us back to Your well today so that others may find their way to You.   Amen

7/2/20 DP

Matthew 11:15
Lord, help us this day to listen to You!  Amen

7/1/20 DP

Joshua 1:9
Lord, thank You for Your promise of always being with us.  Help us spend time in Your presence, so that we will be strong courageous for Your sake.  Amen

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