6/11//18 DP

Philippians 2:12-13
Lord, help us find strength in You.  When we are tired, give us rest.  When we fell overwhelmed, help us look to You for our priorities.  Let Your power be our power.  Lord, let Your way be our ways, today and forever.   Amen
If you’re tired or troubled, or both, don’t give up.  Instead, seek strength from the source that never fails, that source, is your Heavenly Father.  And be assured, when you call on Him, He will give you all the strength you need to live victoriously for Him.  

6/8/18 DB

James 1:8
Lord, give us the insight to make wise decisions and the courage to act upon the decisions that we make.  Amen
If you’re facing one of life’s major decisions, try these.
1. Get all info
2. Don’t be too impulsive.
3. Listen to advice from friends and family.
4. Pray for guidance. 
5. Trust the inner voice of your conscience.
6. When it’s time, Act…
Procrastination is the enemy of progress, don’t let defeat you.

6/7/18 DP

Psalm 94:19
Lord, when we are troubled, You comfort us.  When we are discouraged, You lift us up.  Whatever our circumstances, Lord, we will trust Your plan for our lives.  And, when our families and friends are troubled, we will remind them of Your love, Your wisdom, and Your grace.   Amen
In times of trouble, we are wise to remember the words of Jesus, who, when He walked on the waters, reassured His disciples, saying “Take courage! It is I.  Don’t be afraid” (Matt. 14:27)

6/6/18 DP

Ephesians 6:7
Lord, the Christian life is a great adventure, help us share our excitement with others.  Let us be enthusiastic believers, and help us share our enthusiasm today and every day.    Amen
Are we truly excited about the possibilities for service that God has placed before us, whether at home, at work, at church, or at school?   We should be..

6/5/18 DP

Romans 14:19
Lord, You lift us up at all times, help us lift others up in a spirit 
of encouragement and hope. And if we can help someone, even in a small way, Lord, may the glory be Yours.    Amen
Since we don’t always know who needs our help, the best way is to encourage all the people who cross our paths.  So today, be a world-class source of encouragement to everyone you meet.  Never has the need been greater…

6/4/18 DP

Lord, help us the be the Christians we can be and should be.  Guide us along a path of Your choosing, and let us follow in the footsteps of Your Son, today and every day.   Amen
The same God who created the universe will protect you if you ask Him,  so ask Him and then serve Him with willing hands and a trusting heart.  

6/1/18 DP

Isaiah 41:10
Lord, when life seems chaotic, remind us of Your love and protection.  Difficult times provide opportunities for us to grow closer to You.  Thank You for all that this day has to offer.   Amen
Today, we will face many opportunities to say “yes” to our Creator–and we will also have many opportunities to say “no” to Him.  Our answers will determine the quality of our day and the direction of our life, so answer carefully, very carefully.

5/31/18 DP

Jeremiah 29:11
Lord, sometimes when we think about the future, we worry.  Help us do a better job of trusting You.  You are our Father, and we will place our hope and our faith in You.     Amen
As we live in the present and look to the future, remember that God has an amazing plan for us.  Act-and believe- accordingly.

5/24/18 DP

2 Peter 3:18
Lord, the Bible is Your gift to us.  Help us to be a faithful student of Your Word so that we might be a faithful servant in Your world.    Amen

4/23/18 DP

Psalm 23:5-6
Lord, we pray for an attitude that is Christlike. Whatever our circumstances, whether good or bad, crushed or champion, let our response show a God honoring attitude of optimism, faith, and love for You. Amen

nGod has given us free will, including the ability to influence the direction and the tone of our thoughts: “Finally brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable–dwell on these things” Philippinans 4:8

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