8/7/18 DP

Isaiah 50:4-5
Lord, help us to hear Your direction for our lives in the quiet moments of each day.  Let everything that we say and do be in Your perfect will.   Amen
Each new day is a gift from God, and if you are wise, you will spend a few quiet moments each morning thanking the Giver!

8/6/18 DP

Ezekiel 36:26
Lord, create in us a clean heart, a new heart, that shows the love You have filled us.  When we need to change, Lord change us, and make us new again.   Amen
Are you searching for a new beginning or, a new you?  If you are, don’t expect changing circumstances to miraculously transform you into the person you want to become.  Transformation starts with God, and it starts in the silent center of a humble human heart–like yours…

8/1/18 DP

Proverbs 22:25
Lord, sometimes people act and behave badly.  When other people upset us, help us to calm ourselves down, and help us forgive them as quickly as we can.    Amen
When other people are unkind to us, we may be tempted to strike back, either verbally or in some other way.  Don’t do it!  Instead, remember that God corrects other people’s behaviors in His own way, and He doesn’t need our help (even if we totally convinced that He does).  

7/31/18 DP

1 Thessalonians 4:9
Lord, You have brought family members and friends into our lives.  Help us love them, help us help them, help us treasure them, and help us lead them to You.    Amen
Healthy relationships are built upon sharing and caring.

7/26/18 DP

Isaiah 41:1
Lord, help us to listen carefully to You.  When we listen, we learn.  Help us be better listeners today than we were yesterday, and help us be even better listeners tomorrow.  Amen

7/25/18 DP

Romans 15:2-3
Lord, help us to be a Good Samaritan to the people You put in our path, today and every day.  Amen

7/24/18 DP

Matthew 6:33
Lord, let Your promises be our promises. Let Your will be our will.  Let Your Word be our guide, and help us grow in faith and wisdom today and every day.  Amen

7/20/18 DP

Romans 14:23
Lord, it so easy to talk about the righteous life than it is to live it.  Help us live righteously, and let our actions be consistent with our beliefs.  Let every step we take show Your truth, and let us live a life that is worthy of Your Son.    Amen

7/19/18 DP

Deuteronomy 31:8
Lord, You have promised to protect us, and we will trust You.  Today, we will live courageously as we place our hopes, our faith, and our lives in Your hands.  Let our lives be a testimony to the transforming power of Your Love, Your Grace, and Your Son.    Amen
Will you accept God’s peace and wear God’s armor against the dangers of our world?  Hopefully so, because when you do, you can live courageously, knowing that you possess the ultimate protection:  God’s unfailing Love for you…

7/18/18 DP

1 Peter 1:13-15
Lord, help us be an enthusiastic participant in life.  And let our enthusiasm bring honor and glory to You.    Amen
Our world desperately needs faithful believers who share the Good News of Jesus with joyful exuberance.  Be such a believer.  The world desperately needs our enthusiasm–now!

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