7/2/18 DP

Psalm 71:5
Lord, when we place our confidence in worldly things of world, we will be disappointed.  But, when we put our confidence in You, we are secure.  In all parts of our lives help us place our hope and trust in You.  Amen 
We Christians have many reasons to be confident.  God is in His Heaven; Christ has risen, and we are the sheep of His flock.  Sometimes, even the strongest Christians can become discouraged. Discouragement, however, is not God’s way.  He is a God of possibility not negativity..

6/29/18 DP

1 Peter 5:6
Lord, Your timing is always right for us.  You have a plan for our lives that is better than we can imagine.  When we are impatient, remind us that You are never early or late.  You are always on time.  Help us to trust in You always.   Amen

6/28/18 DP

Isaiah 41:10
Lord, when we find ourselves in fearful situations, remind us that You are our protector and our salvation.  Give us strength, Lord, to face the challenge of today.   Amen
“Courage faces fear and thereby masters it.
Cowardice represses fear and is thereby mastered by it”
Martin Luther King Jr. 

6/27/18 DP

1 Peter 1:13
Lord, help us help others in every way that we can.  Jesus served others;  we can too.  We will serve other people with our good deeds and with our prayers.  And we will give thanks for all those who help us.   Amen
Jesus teaches that the most esteemed men and women are not the leaders of society or the CEO’s of companies.  To the contrary, Jesus teaches that the greatest among us are those who choose to minister and serve. 

6/26/18 DP

Philippians 2:3
Lord, keep us humble.  When we are boastful, help us remember all our gifts from You.  You are the Giver of all things good.   Amen

6/25/18 DP

 Daniel 12:3
Lord, when we are in positions of leadership, help us follow Your teachings and obey Your commandments.  Make us Christians of integrity and wisdom, Lord, and make us a worthy example to those whom we serve.  Amen
Our world needs Christian leaders, and so do our family members and co-workers.  We can become a trusted, competent, thoughtful leaders if we learn to maintain the right attitude: one that is realistic, forward looking, and Christ-centered.  

6/22/18 DP

Matthew 6:30, 31
Lord, help us give all our worries to You today.  Help us trust in You and remember that there is nothing You cannot do.   Amen

6/21/18 DP

Ephesians 2:8
Lord, we are nothing.  When You found us, we were in a pit of sin.  Thank You for bringing us out of that pit and, by grace, sealing us into Your spiritual church.  Help us today to give that same grace to others that You gave us.
When Jesus was 12 years old, He told His parents, “I must be about My Father’s business” (Luke 2:49)   When Jesus was a 33 year old man, He said on the Cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30).  The Father’s business was finished.  Jesus came to this earth to provide salvation for us.  This work of salvation is His work, not ours. It’s a gift..

6/20/18 DP

Deuteronomy 10:12, 13
Lord, open our eyes today to see Your truth and understand Your will.  Help us to have a heart that desires to please You.    Amen

6/19/18 DP

John 1:7, 8
Lord, thank You for entrusting us with the gospel.  We are bless to be Your child.  Lord shine Your good news through us today.  Put us in situations where we can share Your good news.  Give us wisdom and boldness to be faithful with our witness.  Make our life fruitful today.   Amen

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