9/21/18 DP

Joshua 1:9
Lord, make us strong in You and the power of Your might.  Give us courage to face life’s pressures.  When we are tempted to give up and give in, help us to trust in You.  In Jesus’ name Amen
Leaders rise in times of crisis.  Don’t overreact.  Don’t panic.  Don’t look back.  This is your opportunity.  Seize the moment…

9/20/18 DP

1 John 2:27
Lord, delivers us from evil and enable us to finish our race with joy.  We desire to finish strong and influence the lives of the people You have placed around us during our journey.  We place ourselves under Your leadership and grace.   Amen
               Stay out of the fire…   “Stop, Drop and Read”

9/19/18 DP

Matthew 3:11
Lord, thank You for the ability to get out to bed this morning and sit down with You and Your Word.  Please give us the ability to understand Your ways and will for our lives.  May Your Spirit speak into our lives and give us direction as we start our day.  Amen

9/18/18 DP

Matthew 14:33
Lord, we have no idea what this day will bring, so we hold on to You.  We are grateful You have promised to never leave nor forsake us.  We know You will see us through any storm that may come against us.  May we look to You, the author and finisher of our faith.    Amen 
                       “Drop, Roll, Read!”

9/17/18 DP

2 Corinthians 2:15
Lord, we praise You as the victorious King.  Thank You, God, for giving us another day to worship You.  Help us today to demonstrate Your presence and power wherever we go.  Amen 

9/14/18 DP

Romans 5:20, 21
Lord, thank You that we have not one sin greater than Your grace.  Let grace reign in and through us today.  You, Lord, are the Master, and sin is not.  We want You to master us today.  Thank You for Your amazing, Grace..   Amen
Some ask, “Why am I so tempted to sin?”  Christians, we are still in a battle with sin.  For us the temptation to sin is at times strong.  But His grace is stronger.
Let temptation serve you instead of being its servant.  Allow temptation to drive you to Jesus for grace to overcome temptation to sin.  

9/13/18 DP

Acts 11:18
Lord, help us not to criticize what You are blessing, even if we don’t understand it or it is different from what we think.  Help us never resist what You are blessing.  Amen

9/15/18 DP

John 17:18,19 Lord, You have set us a part; we are no longer a part of this world, but a part of Your Kingdom.  Help us to represent You and Your Kingdom’s interest.  Amen

9/11/18 DP

Acts 3:19
Lord, help us today, to be sensitive to any and all opportunities we have to meet the needs of others, and to share Jesus through these opportunities.  Help our words to encourage others in the Lord.   Amen

9/10/18 DP

Psalm 91:4
Lord, we don’t know what to expect in the day ahead.  But we do know what we can expect from You.  Be our Shield and Defender!  Strengthen us to be faithful to You and to trust You in all we do.  Help us to live every minute of this day in the fullness of Your Spirit and Grace..    Amen

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