7/25/18 DP

Romans 15:2-3
Lord, help us to be a Good Samaritan to the people You put in our path, today and every day.  Amen

7/24/18 DP

Matthew 6:33
Lord, let Your promises be our promises. Let Your will be our will.  Let Your Word be our guide, and help us grow in faith and wisdom today and every day.  Amen

7/20/18 DP

Romans 14:23
Lord, it so easy to talk about the righteous life than it is to live it.  Help us live righteously, and let our actions be consistent with our beliefs.  Let every step we take show Your truth, and let us live a life that is worthy of Your Son.    Amen

7/19/18 DP

Deuteronomy 31:8
Lord, You have promised to protect us, and we will trust You.  Today, we will live courageously as we place our hopes, our faith, and our lives in Your hands.  Let our lives be a testimony to the transforming power of Your Love, Your Grace, and Your Son.    Amen
Will you accept God’s peace and wear God’s armor against the dangers of our world?  Hopefully so, because when you do, you can live courageously, knowing that you possess the ultimate protection:  God’s unfailing Love for you…

7/18/18 DP

1 Peter 1:13-15
Lord, help us be an enthusiastic participant in life.  And let our enthusiasm bring honor and glory to You.    Amen
Our world desperately needs faithful believers who share the Good News of Jesus with joyful exuberance.  Be such a believer.  The world desperately needs our enthusiasm–now!

7/17/18 DP

Psalm 90:12
Lord, help us to treasure those times  that we spend with our families and let us show, through our words, and our actions, how much love we feel for them.  Amen

Hebrews 13:8

Hebrews 13:8
Lord, our world changes, but You are unchanging.  When we face challenges that leave us discouraged or fearful.  We will turn to You for strength and assurance.  Let our trust in You, like Your Love for us, be unchanging and everlasting.    Amen
There are occasions when we endure life-changing personal losses that  leave us breathless, there is a place we can turn for comfort and assurance, we can turn to God.  When we do, our loving Heavenly  Father stands ready to protect us, to comfort us to guide us, and, in time, to heal us.  

7/12/18 DP

Ephesians 6:7
Lord, You have called us not to a average life, but to a life of passion.  Today, we will be an enthusiastic follower of Your Son, and we will share His Good News and His Love with all who cross our paths.   
Who will you choose to walk with today?  Will you walk with shortsighted people who honor the ways of the world, or will you walk with the Son of God?  Jesus walks with You.  Are you walking with Him?  Hopefully, we will choose to walk with Him today and every day of our lives.   

7/11/18 DP

Ephesians 4:29
Lord, make us watch what we say to others.  Make us a powerful source of encouragement to those in need, and let our words and deeds be worthy of Your Son, the One who gives us courage and strength.   Amen
God intends that we speak words of kindness, wisdom, and truth, no matter our circumstances, no matter our emotions.  When we do, we share a priceless gift with the world, and we give glory to the One who gave His life for us. 

7/10/18 DP

Colossians 3:1-2
Lord, You have given us a conscious that tells us right from wrong.  Help us listen to that quiet voice so that we can do Your will and follow Your Word today and everyday 

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