11/2018 DP

Romans 10:13
Lord, we praise You for accomplishing the mission for which You came to this earth.  We pray for our family members, coworkers and friends who have not put their faith in You.  If we have a role in that please give us the courage and boldness to do what You have called us to do.  In Jesus’ name   Amen

11/19/18 DP

Jeremiah 31:3
Lord, it is amazing how much You have put up with us, because of Your endless love.  Lord, help us take another baby step toward spiritual maturity today.  In Jesus’ name   Amen

11/16/18 DP

Love is thoughtful How precious also are Your thoughts to me. . . .How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand. —Psalm 139:17–18 This morning I woke up a little different.  Everyone goes through what I’m going through, it’s nothing new and it’s nothing that will go away. But there are things each of us can do.  And here is mine.  The ole coach may come out…..sooooo Take some time this weekend and make a call, go visit someone you have not seen in while.  It could be an Ole Coach, Teacher, Pastor, friend or family member.  You take the initiative!  Go!  Tell them how much they mean to you.  You know what…                      Tell them you “Love them”!!                        You don’t have to have some agenda, you just want them to know that you appreciate who they are and that they are very special to you and you just wanted them to know.  And let God take over, I believe it will be a special time for both of you that you will remember the rest of your lives..  GO God loves you and so do I 

11/15/18 DP

Ephesians 2:13
Lord, You are such a merciful God!  Your offer of salvation is available to all men, women, and children.  Lord, open our eyes to those in our influence who don’t know You.  Amen

11/14/18 DP

Matthew 16:18
Lord, thank You for the people in our lives who have helped to shape us spiritually.  And thank You that You are the Source of new life.  

11/13/18 DP

Ephesians 2:8
Lord, help us to be a reflection of Your Grace and Truth in the lives of our families and friends and coworkers  In Jesus’ name   Amen  

11/12/18 DP

John 1:1
Lord, help us to live each day as a humble, grateful child of the eternal God.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen
In the Gospel of John, he gives us a beautiful picture of the eternal Christ, starting with “In the beginning!”  Hey, that is where we start with the understanding of Christianity!

11/8/18 DP

Psalm 118:24
Lord, it is the day that you have prepared for us.  We don’t know everything we will face, You do.  Give us grace to trust You for every event, every encounter we will make, and let our lives be pleasing to You.  In Jesus’ name   Amen

11/7/18 DP

Mark 6:46
Lord, I want to thank You for praying for us.  I ask for grace to my focus on You and Your Word. Help us to follow You and do what You want us to do, no matter how we feel.  In Jesus’ name  Amen

11/6/18 DP

Matthew 26:39
Lord, thank You for going to the Garden on our behalf.  Your struggle had eternal consequence for us.  Thank You for surrendering to the Father’s will.  Help us to surrender to Your will today.  In Jesus’ name   Amen

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