1/3/19 DP

Genesis 3:14-19
Lord help us, to find You even in the middle of all life’s pain and aggravations.  Forgive us for so often overlooking the beauty You have planted everywhere.  In Jesus’ name   Amen  

1/2/19 DP

Genesis 22:1-12
Lord, we are amazed that You would love us so much that You would sacrifice Your Son for us.  Teach us to live gratefully in the embrace of Your unfailing love.     In Jesus’ name   Amen

12/21/18 DP

1  Timothy 6:18, 19
Lord, we are rich in You.  Whatever measure of earthly wealth we have, great or small, much or little, it is a blessing from Your hand.  We ask You to instruct us today.  In Jesus’ name   Amen

12/20/18 DP

Luke 11:28
Lord, You are the living Word of God.  We commit to hearing, knowing, and following Your voice.  Mold us and bring us to a point that we are comfortable with Your Holy Word and Your perfect will.  Jesus make us more like You.  Amen   

12/17/18 DP

Habakkuk 2:4
Lord, we don’t know what we will face today.  Help us to see You in every situation and decision.  Lead us to respond to all adversity in faith.  Amen

12/14/18 DP

3 John 5, 6
Lord, thank You for another!  You want to show us something this morning that will change today and the rest of our lives.  Help us be quiet and listen.  We are available to You whenever and however You desire.  In Jesus’ name   Amen

12/13/18 DP

Psalm 118:17
Lord, thank You for life.  We pray that we would not take our lives for granted, but think how precious it really is.  We give You today, so use our lives for Your glory, and may someone be blessed as they see You in us.  In Jesus’ name   Amen

12/12/18 DP

Romans 1:20
Lord, give us the ability to see You in a whole new way.  Give us a little understanding of Your Glory, and open our eyes and our hearts to all You are.  In Jesus’ name   Amen

12/11/18 DP

Matthew 28:19, 20
Lord, forgive us for not acting on the opportunities to share Your Love with other.  Help us be aware of others who need the life-changing experience of being born again.  Help us “gossip the gospel” as we go through today and everyday.  in Jesus’ name  Amen

12/10/18 DP

1 Corinthians 9:19
Lord, thank You for all the opportunities that we will have to show Your Love today.  Help those receive that Love know that You are a loving and gracious Father.  Help us never take credit for what You do through us, and we always look for Your strength to keep showing Your Love to others.  In Jesus’ name,  Amen

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