6/6/2019 DP

Philippians 2:8
Lord, we come to You in awe that as Son of God and Son of Man, You died for us.  Help us to live this day in Your humility and under the shadow of the Cross.  In Jesus’ name Amen

6/5/19 DP

Revelation 3:20
Lord, we praise You for Your constant presence.  We rejoice in that once You come in, You are there to stay.  We rest in You.  In Your secure name we pray.  Amen

6/4/19 DP

Isaiah 53:3
Lord, as we go out into the world that still despise’s You and rejects You, give us the power and strength to stand for You and speak for You at every opportunity.  Thank You for giving us another day to show our love for You.  Amen

6/3/19 DP

John 1:49
Lord, You know our thoughts and the intent of our hearts.  We confess our sins and iniquity’s and ask for Your forgiveness through the blood for Your Son.  May we start our day clean and fresh before You.  Amen

5/31/19 DP

James 5:16 
Lord, this is Your day, help us live in it for You .  Teach us how we can be greater prayer warriors.  Change our attitude and hearts to be all You want us to be.  Amen

5/30/19 DP

Colossians 3:16
Lord, take us and use us for Your Glory and Your purpose.  Forgive us when we complain and do not see all the wonderful things You do for us, things we take for granted like being able to wake up this morning and see the beginning of a another day.  Give us strength to worship You, encourage Your people, and speak Your name to a lost world.  Amen

5/29/19 DP

1 John 2:14 
Lord, thank You that You promised to be with us no matter what comes our way.  May Your Word be in us throughout today, please help us to be strong and live for You.  Guide our thoughts, speech, and behavior.  Give us victory over the evil on as he tries to distract us from serving You.  Amen

5/28/19 DP

2 Timothy 4:4,5
Lord, thank You for saving us and setting us apar to live for You.  When trial comes, please help us not to complain or become bitter, but help us to praise You through the storm.  Use su to praise You in the hard times so others see You in our lives..   Amen

5/24/19 DP

Galatians 3:22
Lord, thank You for showing us how desperately we need a Savior, and thank You for saving us from our sin.  Help us remember that in our strength we cannot live the life You have called us to live, but we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  Help us walk in that strength today.  Amen

5/23/19 DP

What if…everything you are going through is preparing you for what you prayed for? 

Your prayer concerns are important to us and to God.

Please use the prayer request buttom below to submit your prayer requests. We intercede in prayer over all requests received. Please know that your request has been sent out to coaches across the nation and intercessory prayer has, in fact, interceded on your behalf.
  • We promise they will be handled with the utmost care.
  • We promise to lift each coach to God by name and need, without prejudice or judgment.
  • We promise that there are caring, faith-filled volunteers behind every prayer, standing with you in agreement as they lift your cares to God.
  • We believe in the power of prayer and promise to pray according to the will of God as set forth in the Holy Bible.
  • Because we respect your privacy, we promise to keep your shared concerns and personal information confidential.