6/14/19 DP

Don’t let the devil put a question mark where God has already put a period. 

6/13/19 DP

Proverbs 3:5,6
Lord, we come to You at times with confused emotions.  We trust that You are too good to ever be wrong.  We ask for Your grace in this time to endure the hard things of life.  Amen

6/12/19 DP

1 John 5:4
Lord,  thank You for the victory You have given to us as Your children.  We thank You that whatever is over our heads is under Your feet.  You have already conquered it.  Help us walk the victory that is ours in You.  Amen

6/11/19 DP

Philippians 4:6  Lord, thank You for being there for us.  There is no problem that is too big or too small for You.  Thank You for letting us put our every care on You.  Please fill us with Your Holy Spirit.  May our words and actions show You in our hearts.  Amen

6/10/19 DP

Matthew 10:39 
Lord, Please help us to surrender.  Help us to let go of our lives and experience all that You have for us. We are tried of living on our own and trying to be in control.  We release our agenda’s and yield to Yours.  Amen

6/7/19 DP

I ask God, “Why are You taking me through troubled waters?”  He replied,  “Because your enemies can’t swim.”

6/6/2019 DP

Philippians 2:8
Lord, we come to You in awe that as Son of God and Son of Man, You died for us.  Help us to live this day in Your humility and under the shadow of the Cross.  In Jesus’ name Amen

6/5/19 DP

Revelation 3:20
Lord, we praise You for Your constant presence.  We rejoice in that once You come in, You are there to stay.  We rest in You.  In Your secure name we pray.  Amen

6/4/19 DP

Isaiah 53:3
Lord, as we go out into the world that still despise’s You and rejects You, give us the power and strength to stand for You and speak for You at every opportunity.  Thank You for giving us another day to show our love for You.  Amen

6/3/19 DP

John 1:49
Lord, You know our thoughts and the intent of our hearts.  We confess our sins and iniquity’s and ask for Your forgiveness through the blood for Your Son.  May we start our day clean and fresh before You.  Amen

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