1/10/20 DP

God is not only preparing you for it.  He’s preparing it for you!

1/9/20 DP

John 20:29
Lord, help us understand how to live a life that will show who You are to others.  Help us to depend on You as we do things You have taught us to do.  Help us to believe in You in every circumstance of life.    Amen

1/8/20 DP

Proverbs 1:5
Lord, we start today wanting to absorb all that You wan to teach us.  We want not just to hear Your Word, but to be doers of Your Word.  Amen

1/7/20 DP

1 Corinthians 2:12-13
Lord, we live in a world where darkness rules, deceit flows and sin is everywhere.  As we walk the path You have for us, help us hear Your voice saying “This is the way” (Isa 30:21)  Amen

1/2/20 DP

1 Corinthians 1:4
Lord, we can’t begin to imagine where we would be without Your grace.  Thank You for Your unrepayable favor  for us.  Amen

12/31/19 DP

Matthew 7:12
Lord, help us to be caring, positive influence on those around us with whom You have entrusted us.  Strengthen us Lord, to love like Jesus did.    Amen 

12/26/19 DP

Matthew 25:21
Lord, thank You for Your faithful love toward us and for helping our attitudes today be like Christ.   Amen

12/19/19 DP

Psalm 84:11
Lord, as we wonder through this world, we do so with the Promise Land of heaven on our mind.  Guide our feet to walk with You, for You, and toward You today.  Amen

12/17/19 DP

Romans 1:20
Lord, thank You for all You have made and for the beauty of Your creation.  Give us the grace and boldness to witness for the truth and declare Your greatness to all who will listen.  Amen

12/16/19 DP

John 15:16
Lord, thank You for providing everything we will ever need to be who You want is to be.  Give us the strength of Christ so that we may produce fruit.   Amen

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