Mitch Hamilton

Director of WaterBreak

It is so affirming to have the support of the people that matter most in my life. Not only have I been blessed with a great group of friends and family but also a very supportive wife and daughter. In the beginning, some folks didn’t quite understand all aspects of WaterBreak. Unfortunately, that kind of support is missing from the lives of many coaches. Eventually, people began to understand that I was following God’s calling to develop a ministry like this. I am very appreciative of the support that I have received from our WaterBreak members. It hasn’t always been an easy road but their continued support has helped me achieve some of the goals that I’ve set. Most importantly, we’ve been able to lead people to Christ and also be here for them in times of need.
Mitch is available for:
Keynote Speaker, Sports Groups, School Assemblies,Churches, Rallies, Awards Banquets

Our Board of Directors:

Dan Washburn
Skip McCoy
Debbie Wood
Rusty Letson
Nathan Nix
Craig Veach
Steve Nutter
Larry Chapman